Calculating Value

The team is regularly called upon to calculate the value in personal injury and pension loss situations. We will assess the amount involved for share and business valuations, insurance claims and professional negligence claims.

Personal injury and clinical negligence

We are able to act for both claimants and defendants, strengthening our position as joint single experts. As well as calculating damages for past and future loss of earnings and pensions, we can advise on all related benefits in employment.

  1. assessment of the amount of loss of earnings for claimant or defendant
  2. assessment of pension loss
  3. compilation of total future costs of care
  4. structured settlements and reports
  5. investment of damages awards
  6. provision of expert witness or adviser for claimant or defendant
  7. provision of single joint expert
  8. provision of Court appointed expert
  9. provision of mediation services, particularly in clinical negligence and Health Authority cases

Professional negligence

In an action for professional negligence, liability will largely depend upon the claimant successfully demonstrating a breach of duty of care by the defendant, causing the claimant to have suffered reasonably foreseeable loss.

In such cases, our experienced professionals can assist in two principle ways:

as an expert to advise in cases brought against accountants and other financial advisers. And to assist the court in determining whether the defendant had exercised the level of skill and care to be expected of a reasonably competent accountant or financial adviser
to establish the amount (quantum) of loss experienced by the claimant.