Forensic accounting and litigation support

The UK, following the USA trend, is becoming more litigious. Partners and business associates as well as employees are more likely to resort to the courts in order to settle disagreements. Whilst insurance claims and court cases to prove liability for personal injury have also risen in recent

In 2000 Lord Woolf recommended a series of reforms aimed at:

  • driving down the cost of litigation
  • allowing greater access to justice - leading to an increase in the number of no win no fee cases *encouraging the use of appropriate experts to bring disputes to an early conclusion thereby keeping costs down

In April 2013 the Jackson reforms came into effect trying still further to give better access to justice and whilst some amendments are expected these further reforms should assist in driving costs down for litigants. 

Accountants have found themselves being called upon as "expert witnesses" and "mediators" in a wide variety of circumstances. Their special skills of understanding business practice, taxation and finance has placed them in a position where they can advise on a range of litigation issues.

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